First List of June 2016

  1. Roman Charity will be revealed and the re-cyclical nature of roadkill revenge.
  2. Hypnopompic imagery blends elements of fantasy, history, spirituality, and science fiction.
  3. RoboBees become flying insect-sized robots that can stick & move.
  4. Drosera magnifica may be one of many plants discovered via social media.
  5. Yeasayer say Amen & Goodbye.
  6. Vitrivr indexes and retrieves video data visually, a search engine drawing upon images.

Second List of June


  1. Auto-correction triggered text-replacement editors impose a revised voice.
  2. Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHAs) are installed as gatekeepers.
  3. Supercomputers collaborate with a hive mentality.
  4. Newsman’s privilege protects fabrication and poor journalistic skills.
  5. The robot that learns everything from scratch exists as more than just another new article.
  6. Catharsis from itchy and scratchy violence in hand drawn technicolor will be viewed comically.


First List of June

  1. The Wayback Machine might preserve this New Yorker article on the Internet of yesterday.
  2. Second-person narration serves to comfort you in the transition from the past into the future.
  3. Compound eyes perceive more temporally compared to simple eyes.
  4. Donkey Kong embodies a hope that all may enter the digital ark.
  5. Opposable thumbs approximate to the fifth digit.
  6. The Right to be Forgotten may finally be assured by bit rot.