Cinematic Realism

Speaking of one of the best Nolan films, Memento‘s very own Teddy, Joe Pantoliano was the guest of honor at this year’s Silver Springs International Film Festival.

Christopher Nolan directed “Memento” from his own script, adapted from a short story by his brother Jonathan Nolan titled  “Memento Mori.” The film, starring Guy Pearce as an amnesiac, was presented in a series of black-and-white scenes shown chronologically, and color sequences shown in reverse order.

JumpRoACH versus VelociRoACH

In the quest for the most capable robotic bug (which is a quest that many roboticists seem to be on, because robotic bugs are nifty), some of the most exciting designs are inspired by the dynamic, multi-modal ways in which insects are conquering the world. Combining skills like running with skills like jumping can make little robots much more efficient movers, allowing them to go farther on a charge as well as helping them surmount obstacles and rough terrain.

We’ve written before about the advantages of multi-modal robots: by combining two different forms of locomotion in one platform, you can take advantage of (say) the efficiency and endurance of a ground robot with the range and versatility of a flying robot. However, designing one robot that can walk and fly tends to be both complicated and inefficient, which is why hetergeneous robot teams are often more appealing. Instead of trying to cram every capability into one robot, you just use several different robots with different specializations and find some way of getting them to work together. Like this robotic cockroach that can serve as an aircraft carrier for a robotic bird.

Half Asleep

You think that after the first six months of 2016, the best music album so far this year is Yeasayer’s Amen & Goodbye.

It’s time to assemble the Yeasayer discography and hit shuffle.  A hallucinatory state occurs when you are half asleep.  This happens when you are entering or exiting sleep.