Three Wishes

1)  F-Zero / Wizorb cross over video game
F-Zorb would be a racing game like F-Zero with a built in puzzle-battle mode.  When vehicles approach they can toggle a lock-on function that activates a dual screen top-down effect.  The vehicles are automatically rendered as retro 2-D block collections that then battle in Wizorb fashion.  Picture a block breaker, pong style back and forth between opponents, while battle racing to the finish.

2)  Narcos Netflix series, seasons 4-6, to focus on the rise of El Chapo
Finish the Colombian Cali Cartel storyline in season 3 and start the transition to Mexican Narcos, using Roberto Bolaño’s source material.

3)  A New Judge Dredd movie on “The Robot Wars
Call-Me-Kenneth is the perfect villain for a proper Judge Dredd reboot.  This time around the tone needs to be more like a Robert Rodriguez “grindhouse” film with emphasis on cyborgs and the rise of the Neon Knights.


Behind La Tienda exists a lot where there once was a garage.  Now fenced by unkempt chain link, the lot serves as a drive-through pickup point for housing contractors looking for day laborers.  A white extended-cab approaches.  The truck wears splashes of cement and random dents and bangs.  The driver slows to a stop; he points at two guerros.

Coasting down the two lane highway, Karl and Bryan discuss the job ahead.  Bryan spits into a 20oz. bottle of Mountain Dew already a quarter-filled with dark muck.  Karl slams the accelerator to pass a dawdling minivan; he posts his right arm at the top of the steering wheel and slouches to the left as if he’s going to exit at any moment.  Constantly eyeing the mirrors yet never noticing his reflection, Karl mutters about Canadian snowbirds.  Bryan looks straight at the road.

After a few turns, they arrive at a site deep in the forest, an unincorporated part of the county.  A narrow stretch of acreage extends from an aluminum hangar.  As they draw nearer the scent of hot tar surfaces, pinching the nose.  With the engine cut, the birds and crickets cause the most noise for miles out.

Wheels Driving through Nature

2:41 burned on the dash.

Diamond tears rolled back into the corner of John Doe’s eye at a blinking pace.

Outside, abyss pressured the black-coal landscape into a vortex forked by dull headlamps birthing a chain of pale reflectors, devoured.

Quadruple the wheels, the weight and size around the bend.

Animal magnetism approached.

Doe’s eyes lay heavy with weary, swimming through grassy medians

and opened to tears of blood.

The grill pressed on until all light was extinguished.

2:42 hung among a whirlwind of twisted hot metal.

Falling to grass and crawling to pavement, relieved, yet frightened by the unknown.

Hoses hissing, wheels spinning in air, burnt rubber, creaks and cracks permeated the dark

the rig came to a halt and the driver’s door opened.

Out fell a flattened frog, commanding attention;

appearing before the open gate flooded with self-emanating light.

a march of incomprehension.  Out came mutilated armadillos, dogs, deer, cats, and birds gripping intestines, dragging organs, losing blood, trying to hold together all they had whilst stepping in line from the truck and down upon the road.

They took hold of him, hoisting him up and carrying him like pallbearers back on to the trailer.

clear and vibrant, possibly resembling a midsummer day.

A green lush world awaited contemplation.

asphalt burned his paws

I’ve Lost Cats, Out on that Porch

As precious as my little kitties can be,
country cats roaming the wild outdoors
in a Floridian National forest
I know how savage they can be

They hunt the birds I feed and enjoy hearing chirp
They torture the exotic lizards that harmlessly sunbathe
They decapitate the rodents that breed microscopic pests
and offer it up as sacrifice atop the altar,
Out on that Porch

my mind ruminated on the nature of existence
and the existence of nature
like a vinyl record scratched on purpose
like an obvious display of repetition
as if to point out figurative language
or the great chiasmus,
or the great chasm between us:
I mean those that have the melancholic burden of knowing what comes next and
those that don’t, yet

my mind ruminated on the nature of existence
and the existence of nature
like control copy and control paste
the day suddenly turned to night

This evening my precious little kitties left
a particularly poignant severed mouse head
as if they overheard my lamenting earlier in the day
and thankful for the good-mouthing, gave us a cut
of some of nature’s delicacies

Am I wrong to dislike a nonnative culture’s customs
whether they be food served to a guest
or an offering

from a tribe
Do my cats think of me as ungrateful or disrespectful?

Maybe they know it is not for me to consume, but
rather as a show it serves to display their abilities
Look at what we can do
We are working for you

Then again, I’m sure the rapacious raccoons that finish the remains of their allotted cat food
Out on that Porch
each day and night,
the same ones that wash their hands clean in the bubbling fountain
Out on that Porch
The gurgling water dribbling down slimy blue ceramic, rippling out and across a basin
full of cool purifying aqua ablutions
These very same raccoons may be the true recipients of the rat king

Or, does the severed mouse head send another message to these same raccoons
one that says look at what we can do
I’m never quite sure if my cats are friends with the raccoons,
and maybe my ego is as myopic as Schrödinger’s


David Cronenberg’s reintegrated spectacle of The Fly employs signature mechanical effects.  Lush physical production hatched from a mental-scape rivaled by the mind of Hayao Miyazaki.   Among the greatest cinema, Princess Mononoke unearths the fervent relationship between nature and technology.  Film can only begin to expose the surreal spirit dwelling in us, disintegrating in waves of entropic fractals, flowing through a cosmic aquifer of fantasy, coalescing the timeless environment.


Planet of Apes

When asked about your earliest cinematic experience you will recall a translated book by Pierre Boulle.  The five original Planet of the Apes films form a time travel loop.  The first film advanced science fiction film-craft with innovative set design.  Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack will haunt your mind, as much as Charlton Heston’s muzzle or the wonders of evolution.  Animal rights and Human rights issues merge in this righteous tale.

Letters of Youth

Artificial intelligence convinced you to upload your mind into the cloud.  Boxes of handwritten notes and scraps of mixed media are filed and ready to be archived.  After determining the oldest artifact to be a short story on time travel (circa 1992), the second oldest piece of literature was a folder stacked with letters dating back to 1995.  Writing from Florida to your old friend Nick, back in New York.